Accountless, API-driven VPS hosting for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, and Monero



Market rate for a 1GiB VPS with 25GiB of disk, 1 VCPU, and 1 TiB of transfer a month is $5. SporeStack is almost double market rate.

Typical clearnet VPS (IPv4, IPv6)

Flavor "slug" (--flavor) Cores Memory (GiB) Disk (GiB) Bandwidth (TiB) Approximate price per 28 days (USD)
vps-1vcpu-1gb 1 1 25 0.98 8.96
vps-1vcpu-2gb 1 2 50 2.00 17.92
vps-3vcpu-1gb 3 1 60 2.98 26.88
vps-2vcpu-2gb 2 2 60 2.98 26.88
vps-1vcpu-3gb 1 3 60 2.98 26.88
vps-2vcpu-4gb 2 4 80 3.99 35.84
vps-4vcpu-8gb 4 8 160 4.98 71.96
vps-6vcpu-16gb 6 16 320 5.99 143.92
vps-8vcpu-32gb 8 32 640 7.00 287.84
vps-12vcpu-48gb 12 48 960 7.98 431.76
vps-16vcpu-64gb 16 64 1280 9.00 575.96
vps-20vcpu-96gb 20 96 1920 9.98 863.80
vps-24vcpu-128gb 24 128 2560 10.99 1151.92
vps-32vcpu-192gb 32 192 3840 11.98 1727.88

Torified (only accessible through a .onion)

Flavor "slug" (--flavor) Cores Memory (GiB) Disk (GiB) Bandwidth (TiB) Approximate price per 28 days (USD)
tor-1024 1 1 8 0.55 7.84
tor-2048 1 2 16 1.09 15.68
tor-3072 1 3 24 1.64 23.52
tor-4096 1 4 32 2.19 31.36

Can I purchase extra bandwidth separately?

Not at this time. If you exceed the amount your server may be shut down.

Why is the minimum unit a day? Most cloud providers have hourly or even per second billing.

There's a few reasons for this. Risk of abuse, transaction fees, and that we are processing payments per build and not per deposit. We do have some support for a credit system type of billing and for that hourly would be alright. But under that system, it may usually make more sense to create and delete servers without giving them a fixed lifetime up front. Support for either is possible, though. If say we allowed hourly billing and TX fees were really low, someone could create a server for an hour, spam a bunch, and be gone before I could even delete the server and for them to at least suffer some kind of financial loss vs their investment. I think more granuluarity is possible in the future with enough demand, at least for credit-based billing (which is only useful for longer term users with multiple servers).

Can I pay with other methods? What if I want an account to fund in advance and not make transactions for every server? If I pay a lot, do I get a discount?

Yes, you can. For now, it's a manual process, but contact us. We'll issue you a token and you can fund it by any number of means, but obviously we have the final say if you want us to accept some cryptocurrency we've never heard of. Payment with gold and silver bullion is possible as well. This is our settlement token feature, as seen in the Python 3 library and the web launcher. Discounts are possible and negotiable, but excessive Jewing is discouraged.

Where else can you host for Bitcoin?