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SporeStack Affiliate / Referral

You need a referral token. The URLs will look like this.

Careful, use your referral token and not your settlement token. They are the exact same format of 64 lowercase hex characters.

Referral URL generator

Don't have a referral token?

You'll get one when you make a settlement token. The referral token is your settlement token SHA256 hashed as "(token) deposit". But don't worry, we can do that for you.

How do I get paid?

For every build that comes from your affiliate token, you'll get 10% deposited in your settlement token. You can check the balance on the token section of the web launcher or with our API.

Now you can use that settlement token to build more SporeStack servers, or you can withdraw it. Withdrawal is a manual process for now, you'll likely have to send in an email.

What can I withdraw my millions as?

Preferably, some ratio of what your referred users paid with. If your referrals all paid in Monero, please don't ask for your payment in Bitcoin Cash if it's some huge amount. We're not an exchange.

The payments are denominated in USD, but SporeStack is not a bank. Don't wait for forever to withdraw if you're not going to just spend it back on the platform. We'll make an effort to take care of you, but if there's a huge crypto crash or hyper deflation of the US dollar (like that'll ever happen...), you're probably not going to see as much as the balance shows. The funds you earn are not guaranteed. But, we want to pay you and normally we will, we just don't want to be on the line for the obscene edge cases where everyone in the crypto community is probably suffering anyways.

Ideally, though, you can launch SporeStack servers with your earnings!

If my referrals are doing double spends, do I get the money from it?


How much will I make?

Trillions. At least, maybe in Zimbabwe dollars


That's what email is for.