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Abuse Reports

Could be SPAM, DDoS, etc. Send in packet captures. More details are better. Give 24 hours for a response. Understand that these servers tend to have short lifetimes as it is. Complaints about servers with content that bothers you but is not illegal in the server's region will be ignored.

If you have a server that gets flagged by a legitimate complaint it will likely be shut down or deleted. As this is an anonymous system, there's no way to reach out to affected customers (at least yet). But investigation will be done and likely no bogus reports will result in any issues. In general, don't do anything that would get you in trouble with your local ISP. Torrenting on a public torrent tracker, port scanning all of IPv4, brute force logins, DoS attacks, etc. Try to be a somewhat decent netizen.

Generally speaking, most common spam and DDoS happens from free hosting accounts (post-paid or coupon). SporeStack is pre-paid with cryptocurrency (can reduce fraud) and has no coupons. The profit margins on DDoS and spam are almost certainly too low to demand the cost of hosting here and they will go elsewhere.

Need help?

Quick feedback, comments, questions, etc

Feel free to send us an email, or contact us through the token messaging feature. Your token has to have been funded once already in order to do that, however!