Ephemeral-by-design, API-driven infrastructure



SporeStack is a ephemberal VPS hosting service for cryptocurrency. Servers have fixed lifetimes instead of being assumed to never fail. This is a very different paradigm, counter intuitive at first, but by design encourages realism in replacing servers readily so that server failures no longer cause problems. It has a higher initial learning curve, but in the long run can make for a much more reliable infrastructure. This design can also better handle software failures (which are often more common than hardware failures) and software updates without downtime. SporeStack also has no accounts and requires no personal details. Payment is handled in the API call to spawn a server. This facilitates use by those wishing to remain anonymous and enables autonomous computing, where servers can buy other servers without any need to have a parent organization or owner. This gives a more straight forward way to host entities such as Distributed Autonomous Organizations.


SporeStack was founded in January of 2017 by Teran McKinney. Based in San Antonio, Texas.