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SporeStack Jobs

Work for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and possibly remotely.

Underpaid Employee

SporeStack started as a side project and grew massively. I could use some help keeping up.

Development help would be nice, but a lot of my problems are business oriented. Getting corporate bank accounts, tracking run rates, deciding where to grow capacity, etc. Real exciting stuff, I know.

There are some somewhat exciting bits. This is a pretty unique business in a very untapped market. And admittedly, SporeStack is barely optimized at all, it has a ton of room to grow.

I'm looking into office space, still interested in homesteading at some point and having some sort of off grid office. That probably doesn't interest you, but if it does just let me know.

Basically, if you join me you're working on a platform where servers can buy other servers. Real autonomous computing! It is now a thing. So if Skynet comes online, it may well be on SporeStack. And maybe you want to see the end of civilization, so maybe it suits your fancy.

Anyway, couple perks about working for me/SporeStack LLC (which I own outright):

1. You can defend yourself. Bring your Glock, your AR-15 into work. Just be mindful of people taking it and using it against you. Conceal or open, whatever is best for you.

2. You can speak your mind. I don't care if you're racist, sexist, transphobic, or whateverphobic. As long as you can talk to other people respectfully and don't mind open debate, you'll fit in.

3. You want to work hard. I mean, maybe deep down you're lazy, but part of you feels bad about that and wants to work hard.

4. There's no healthcare, so you'll feel like taking care of yourself.

5. You can get paid in cryptocurrency. How cool is that?

6. I cook dinners on Sunday. If you work for me, you're invited.

7. You don't need a college degree. In fact, I'll probably think higher of you if you don't.

8. If you play foosball and work in the office, I'll buy a nice foosball table. And possibly beat you ever time with my 25MPH left handed shots.

9. You can wear your Make America Great Again hat to work. You can also wear a Bernie Bros T-shirt, but you'll probably get laughed at.

10. You won't have any confusion come tax time about your shares, because you won't have any. It's all mine and I'm not sharing it!

Salary is negotiable, along with currency and location. You have a chance to talk me into Wyoming, Austin, San Antonio, Fredericksburg, or West Texas.

To apply send an email to admin at this domain.